What is Office 365?

In 2011 Microsoft launched a cloud version of Office called Office 356. It, just like Google Apps for Education, is a way to access Office programs from any device using a cloud based portal.

In addition to having Office installed on your district computer, Office 365 will give you online portal that lets you access Office through a web browser or install Office from the cloud using your email credentials. This is convenient because Office 365 will then let you access Office products from any device that you need. You can even download Office at home and use it on a personal computer! (Keep in mind the limit of devices is five per user).

Office 365 can also sync documents online via the cloud. This allows you to write up documents with the online version of the Office products and keep them in the cloud to access across multiple devices. This feature of options gives the user a diverse avenue in accessing the Office suite.

For those of you keeping score, this structure is the exact same as Google Apps on the Chromebooks. This subscription is rolled into our volume licenses of Office that we currently hold for the district.


Does Pampa ISD Have Office 365?

Why yes, of course! The good news is Office 365 is available, for the first time ever, to all district employees. You can access Office 365 by going to the district Office 365 portal and signing in with your email credentials. While there, you can choose to get individual Office products online such as Power Point or Excel, or you can download the whole Office 2016 suite to your device to use offline on your device.

With the introduction of this new product, the technology department will move away from physically using Office install discs for upgrading and installing Office (although we will still install Office on any new or re-imaged devices). You can now use the district Office 365 portal to get all the Microsoft Office products. Users now have the independence of installing and using Office 365 at their leisure and convenience.

A look at the Pampa ISD Office 365 portal. It is at this page that you would log in with your district credentials to access Office 365 features and download the Office Suite.

Office 365 or Google Apps?

We realize that having two different suites that essentially do the same thing is a bit redundant, but we leave the option open for you to choose which one you prefer. Both of these software programs essentially accomplish the same things and are available on all district devices.

Although Office products are geared towards Windows devices and Google Apps are geared towards Chromebooks, they can be used interchangeably on any device. With the online version of Office with Office 365 you can use Excel or Word on a Chromebook if you so choose or vice versa! This allows for a more customizable approach to how you can get work done.

Welcome, Office 365

So, go to the Office 365 district portal and give it a try. You can try out the web versions of the Office programs and save projects there in the cloud. Give it a try!


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