Did You Know…?

Our pampaisd.net website is just chockfull of helpful links and information to students, parents, and staff. But did you know the Information Technology section has its very own knowledge base for faculty members to access quick references of troubleshooting and independent solutions to common technical issues?

This knowledge base, known as the ‘Self Help‘ section of the Information Technology Department devision of the pampaisd.net website, is something designed to help the faculty with common questions and issues. We include lots of helpful information in PDF files for easy reference and access. These Self Help files were specifically crafted to inform new faculty members, but they can, and are encouraged, to be a resource for all staff of Pampa ISD.

The Self Help tab is pretty easy to find in the Information Technology section of the Pampa ISD website.

What Can I Expect To Find?

The information covered in these files range from helpful computer tips for ease of use to instructions on setting up your ShoreTel phone. Each file is in a folder with the corresponding topic labeled to it, for an organized and aesthetically pleasing look.

We made this knowledge base based on the amount of volume requesting a certain topic and will add more over time as technology updates and different policy and procedures are put into place. This page is constantly evolving based on how technology updates and changes.

The topics covered are such as:

  • Eduphoria Information: This covers the process of creating a support request in Eduphoria for technology. A very handy thing to know.
  • Microsoft Information and Tips: This is a wealth of information on office  programs. Here you find helpful instructions on such things like creating a signature in Outlook.
  • Computer Tips: Here you will find PDF instructions on a wide variety of stuff like how to create a desktop shortcut of a website.
  • Phone System Information: This section includes directions on installing and setting up your ShoreTel on your computer.
  • Network Information and Help: Here you’ll find brief info on our network filter, as well as instructions on using a video downloading tool.
  • Other Information: And lastly, here is where all the unspecified instructional PDFs are located. The info here ranges from instructions on Bomgar (our remote support software) to using secure print on a Xerox printer.

The More You Know…

We know that search engines like Google and Bing exist specifically for use as knowledge bases and that they are a very compelling tool for troubleshooting, but to have a complete and accurately specified knowledge base for your technology needs is  especially convenient and just downright helpful. This gives the user a fast way to find information fully relevant to our devices and software, without having to wade through useless data or wait for a technician to reply to an eduphoria request.

The best part is each file is available as a downloadable PDF so you can save the file to your computer as a quick reference in the case that you might need the information again. You can even print out the files if it so suits you!

Our goal in technology is to support the district as efficiently as possible and with the Self Help files at the staff’s disposal, quick access to technology information has never been easier. So, we encourage staff to use this knowledge base for their convenience.

Let Us Know

If something could be added to the Self Help files on the website that you believe would benefit all faculty members please let us know. You can follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook for more information on anything related to Pampa ISD Technology.


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