A “LAN”, in technology terms, is a “Local Area Network”. This acronym is used to define networks that are connected in the same physical area.

Hello World!

This is a new blog put together by the Pampa Independent School District Technology staff to inform and educate the teachers, students, and parents of Pampa ISD all that goes on with our Technology department. From informing the district of new tech policies, to showing everyone the new technology implemented in the district, this blog will cover it all and be used as a resource for informing Pampa.

Pampa ISD Tech is Socializing

This past August, at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, we launched a Twitter account and a Facebook page. We have been publishing small blurbs about certain projects we’ve been working on this year with those social media accounts, including pictures of Pampa ISD’s very own VR station in use at the Pampa Learning Center. We encourage you to check out our social media pages and “follow” us for all the latest Pampa ISD tech news.

But Wait There’s More…

Keep checking back here for more updates about things happening in Pampa ISD’s Technology department. We will be updating the blog on a monthly basis.